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Scotland, Britain and Europe 2014

Plakat scotland britain and europe

Academic panel: Scotland, Britain and Europe 2014: Challenges of (dis)integration

May 15, 2014, 9.00–15.30, University Library in Warsaw (BUW) Building, Seminar Room 256,
56/66 Dobra Str.

Our speakers:

Dr Craig McAngus (School of Applied Social Science, University of Stirling)
Dr Małgorzata Kułakowska (Jagiellonian University in Cracow)
Dr Małgorzata Kaczorowska (Institute of Political Science, University of Warsaw)
Dr Lee McGowan (School of Politics, International Studies and Philosophy, The Queen’s University Belfast)
Dr Tomasz Czapiewski (Institute of Political Science and European Studies, University of Szczecin)
Mr. Jiři Koubek (Researcher, Institute of Political Science, Faculty of Philosophy, Charles University of Prague)
Dr Roderick Parkes (The Polish Institute of International Affairs)
Mr. Marek Rybarczyk (Columnist, Newsweek Poland)

This year the annual Britannia panel is aimed at analysing the problems of British politics which play vital role form the point of view of the UK’s and Poland’s membership and cooperation in the EU.

The first part of the panel shall undertake to study the prospects and possible outcomes of the Scottish referendum for the union of Britain: its constitutional composition and national identity.

The second part of the panel is to set the UK–EU relations in a wider European context of EU–UK–Irish relations as well as the EU dimension of the Scottish Independence Referendum.

Last but not least, the third part of the panel is to study Polish-British relations in the security context of the Ukrainian crisis and of the immigration and Eurosceptical debate in the UK.

The aforementioned problems shall be presented by leading researchers and experts in the field from Britain, Poland and Czech Republic.

Download: panel agenda

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