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Political System of the United Kingdom

Okładka system politycznyPrzemysław Biskup, Małgorzata Kaczorowska, eds. 2012. System polityczny Zjednoczonego Królestwa [Political System of the United Kingdom]. Warszawa: Oficyna Wydawnicza ASPRA-JR.

The volume entitled Political System of the United Kingdom presents the findings of the research project on British Politics (co-managed by Dr P. Biskup and Dr M. Kaczorowska) conducted in 2012-2013 at the Faculty of Journalism and Political Science, University of Warsaw. The book also builds up on the findings of two other research programmes financed from the National Science Centre research grants, namely: Influence of Devolution on United Kingdom’s European Policy-Making: From Imperial to Post-Imperial Solutions (No. N N116 712540, managed by Prof. F. Golembski) and Influence of British Political Identity on United Kingdom’s Participation in European Integration Projects (No. N N116 434237, managed by Dr P. Biskup).

The aim of the book was the comprehensive analysis of the wide-ranging evolution of the British political system, which has been observed in last two decades, with special emphasis laid on the constitutional reform and steadily deepening decentralization of British politics, both in the legal dimension (i.e. the devolution), and political (e.g. multiplication of party systems). The book is divided into fourteen chapters prepared by the members of the Research Group BRITANNIA, and devoted to all the key issues and problem areas constituting the British politics. These are: theoretical problems of the political system analysis; an outline of UK’s political history; contemporary British society; an outline of UK’s constitutional history; the United Kingdom’s modern constitutional framework; the central government; devolved, regional and local government structure; British political intellectual tradition; popular culture; party system(s); media system(s) and interest groups; British economy; UK’s foreign policy; and UK’s European policy.

More information about the book (including Table of Contents, Abstracts and Biographical Notes in English) can be found here.

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