British Socio-Political Studies
Research Group

About Britannia

The British Socio-Political Studies Research Group BRITANNIA was established in spring 2009 on the initiative of members of the Faculty of Journalism and Political Science, University of Warsaw, whose scientific interests focus on widely understood British and Commonwealth politics. We remain open to cooperation with academics representing universities in Poland and abroad.


Our research interests cover wide range of problems regarding different dimensions of politics, including the international, economic, or cultural ones, with special emphasis on:

  • British party system;
  • Decentralisation and devolution;
  • British constitutional system and constitutional reform;
  • British social policies;
  • British economic policy;
  • UK’s foreign, security and defence policy;
  • UK’s European policy-making;
  • UK’s historical imperial policies and contemporary relations with the Commonwealth countries;
  • Anglo-American relations;
  • British political thought and intellectual tradition;
  • British culture and its relations with English-speaking countries.

We wholeheartedly invite to our group all members of the academic and professional community who share our interest, especially the representatives or legal science, economy, history, sociology, anthropology, and literary studies. We strongly believe the British and Commonwealth Studies community in Poland needs more intensive debate and sharing of knowledge and research experience.

Our group also conducts on a continuous basis the project of the Bibliography of British Socio-Political Studies in Poland. The findings of this project have been available on our website since Autumn 2010. The Bibliography is to address a problem of time pressure and surge of publications, which seriously undermine the effective circulation of many valuable papers of our common interest.

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