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Britain, Poland and Europe after the European Election 2014

Britain Poland and Europe plakat

Academic panel: Britain, Poland and Europe after the European Election 2014

June 16, 2014, 9.00-12.30

During the previous BRITANNIA panel held shortly before the European Election 2014 we have discussed the prospects and possible outcomes of the Scottish referendum for the union of Britain as well as a wider European context of the UK–EU relations and Polish-British relations (issues of immigration and EU’s institutional framework).

This time we shall take a closer look at the recent European Election and its wider context. In the first part of the panel we shall discuss EU’s future scenarios in the EP’s 8th parliamentary term in the light of a notable success of Eurosceptical parties. The cases of the UK, Poland and other Central and Eastern European countries representing three stages of the big-bang enlargement of 2004-2007-2013 shall be analysed. 

In the second part of the panel we shall discuss the implications of the 2014 crisis in Ukrainian for European policy-making on the examples of UK Defence Policy and of Moldova’s relations with the EU in the context of Transnistria.

The aforementioned problems shall be presented by leading researchers from Britain, France and Poland.

Download: panel agenda


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